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Standing Together, "Our Success Is Closer Than We Think"

Telling your family, friends and co-workers (i.e. doing personal marketing) has always been the fastest way to start earning money on #WEFA. Easy, Fast & Get Paid Quicker


The system has been automated to generate new members to old members; this is on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis. Join today and enjoy benefit from the system.


A hardworking team leader that is pushing to grow his/her network will give downlines to those in his/her team, when He/She is running some sort of promotion.


You can run advertisement campaigns to start growing your network on Social Media Platforms. Can also include Media Ads, like on Television and Radio Stations. Best method yet.

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Welcome to #WEFA, a member to member donation platform.
Make Money From Home Today. By Being a Member Of #WEFA

Using this platform members are able to make money by through networking, although thereare no bonuses using this platform, but our payout is simply the best. Better than any other platform and is easy and simple to use.This small organization was started with the sole aim of helping people earn money and become financially free. We are happy to say that all our members are currently benefiting from #WEFA Programme.With just a one time investment of ₦8,000.00, you become a member & the 5 ways to earn money being a member of #WEFA is Referral, System, Advertising & Spill Over

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