December 5, 2016


  • What is #WEFA

#WEFA is a member to member donation platform where your donation to become a member of #WEFA grants you access to our membership site and you begin to earn money with just a ₦8,000 investment. Now With the ₦8,000 investment you join our club, you will be able to earn money with the power of your investment. There are a total of 10 Grades.

  • How Does it Work?

You register as a free member on #WEFA, Then you get to donate to an upliner in Grade 1, After You make your first donation of ₦8,000 and request to be upgraded to become a Grade 1 Member., You become a full Grade 1 Member of WEFA. As a Grade 1 Member you have 5 Free Member Slots to add new people as downlines and they have to pay you to become a Grade 1 Member.

  • Why Am I Paying ₦8,000?

This is the one time membership fee, you pay ₦8,000 to become a Grade 1 Member at #WEFA

  • Is this Safe?

WEFA is completely safe, If you notice your initial investment is your only investment you put in is ₦8,000 and this money is for you to become a Grade 1 Member on the website. Your Upgrade Payment is non refundable, as this is the fee to become a member of WEFA. But in Grade one, as soon as your downlines are complete you earn ₦40,000. Which our marketing team estimates to be 1 month. Please Note: You start working with your profits as soon as you have just one Grade 1 Member under you.

  • Is There Any Company Account No?

There is no central system. It’s a member to member donation platform, you don’t need to sell any product on this website. You make a donation, Become a member and start earning.

  • Do I Need To Refer Anybody?

No, You don’t. We have an advertising system that does that and allocate people under you. But it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to do so

  • Can I Earn or Refer People As A Free Member?

No, You cannot. WEFA is a paid membership community so you cannot earn money as a free member and your account will be deleted in two days if you register without paying. All WEFA are Paid Members.

  • What Do I Need To Start?

Contact Your Upliner To Create and Account For You, This is done so you have a good relationship with your network

  • After Registration What Next?

You can either push your referral link or wait for the our advertising system managed by your Grade 3 Upline to get new down lines for you.

  • What Should I Add In My WEFA Account?

Add Your Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Bank Account Details. (Make Sure You Add A Working Phone Number and Email Address)

  • I Just Got A Down line, What Should I Do?

Contact them to make their donation immediately, either via email or phone number

  • How Does The System Work?

The  system helps already registered members get new downlines, but its just an added bonus, but we advise our members to grow thier network by themselves and not depend on the system

  • Must I Wait For The System, Can I Push My Link By Myself

You don’t need to wait for the system, you can also push your link to get members who wish to be part of your network, but you can always wait.

  • Will I Earn Money Every Month?

No, you earn when you receive a donation in any grade

  • Is This Legal? Is it A Scam?
  1. Help each other. Sincere donation member-to-member.
  2. No compulsion in donating, if not interested your free account will automatically expire in 3 days.
  3. No 3rd party or intermediary managing your money.
  4. Donation directly to your bank account.
  5. No e-Wallet, point system, minimum withdrawal
  6. No fee at all. Absolutely free to use platform.
  7. Not selling any product or service. Pure donations.

So yes, it is Legal. And not a Scam

  • Why Should I Join #WEFA?

Your only investment on #WEFA is ₦8,000. Once you become a paid member you will begin to earn and work with your profit. All our members work hand in hand for the benefit of us all. You can contact our support staff if you have any questions, but also keep close relation with your upliner if you need immediate answers to some questions.