Become A Team Leader On #WEFA

Hello, Thank you for requesting to be a Team Leader On WeFundAfrica.Club

As a Team Leader, You simply need to understand how WeFundAfrica.Club Works. Its an easy system setup to use.

  • As a Team Leader. You Need The Following
  • A Blog Post: Where you explained everything about WeFundAfrica and has your contact details for calls and queries
  • A Facebook Page: Make Your Own WeFundAfrica Facebook Page.
  • A WhatsApp Group: Create Your Own Whatsapp Group where you can Add New Memmbers
  • WEFA Video (To Share To New Members):
  • WEFA Tutorial (To Share To New Members):

Once your request is approved your details will be showed on the website and members can feel free to contact you concerning queries and how to use the system also to setup seminars and other form of adverts.

The only thing you are expected to do as a Team Leader is to bring in more people into the system, advise and teach your downlines, grow your network and earn money

Also You are expected to run Facebook ads as a Team Leader To Grow Your Network Easily, How to build your network and earn money.

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