December 13, 2016

How To Use WeFundAfrica.Club

Welcome, If you are visiting this page, you are either about to become a member or already a member of WeFundAfrica.Club. For this article WeFundAfrica.Club will use its acronym and be called #WEFA.

#WEFA is a member to member donation platform launched November 2016, Its sole aim is for users to be able to be able to make money online from home as members.

There are two ways of making money on #WEFA and they are system method and referral method. Will explain both methods below now.

System: Our System on #WEFA, works on a first come first serve basis. This assigns new members to old members, so you will be paired to an individual to make your donation, same way Five (5) people will be paired to you to make donations to you. This website runs on its own, so there is no.

  • Central Account For Payment
  • No E-Wallet
  • No Waiting To Cash Out.

So when new members wish to register they are linked with old members on the platform, this is also done, so old members can guide new members on how to use the platform.

Referral: After registration and making payment your referral link will be unlocked and you can use this to start getting downlines. You can get downlines by telling people, running adverts on Facebook, Google, Radio, etc.

NOTE: (This method is advisable for hardworking individuals who are able to make advertisement and grow their network on their own)



  1. Check this page for updates.
  2. Always call your upliner immediately after registration.
  3. You are not allowed to use fake details to register on #WEFA
  4. The use of same Email Address, Phone Numbers & Bank account Info is not allowed.
  5. Once your account is deleted on #WEFA, You wont be accepted back into the system
  6. The use of Fake Receipts Cause Instant Ban. Never Approve Payment Without Credit Alert
  7. Contact your upliner for assistance on how to use the website or if you have any simple questions
  8. You are allowed to tell and register your family members using the main website
  9. Mulitple accounts are not allowed on the system any member caught will be banned from using this system.
  10. Never make payment to a Grade 0/Free Member. If you see that your upliner is a , do so and never make payment until the system clears the account
  11. How you are expected to grow on #WEFA
  • Register as a free member
  • Contact & Donate to your upliner and become a Grade 1 Member
  • Get 5 Donations from Free members
  • Move to Grade 2 before in 48 hours
  • Get Five Grade 2 Donations, Then Move To Grade 3 Or Account will be placed on HOLD (You Have 48 Hours To Do So)
  • Get Your Next 5 Grade 2 Donations Then Move To Grade 4 Or Account will be placed on HOLD (You Have 48 Hours To Do So)
  • Get Your Next 10 Grade 2 Donations and Move To Grade 5 Or Account will be placed on HOLD (You Have 48 Hours To Do So)


If you wish to become a Team Leader, Zone Sponsor, Organize Seminar.