December 5, 2016

Earnings In Different Grades

Here, you are no longer a free member and you’re on your way to make your first profit from #WEFA. So if you recall, you paid ₦8,000 to join #WEFA and you were upgraded to grade 1. You can tell people about #WEFA and they sign up under you. First and foremost.


Each person on the #WEFA has to have only 5 people below them called downlines. Now, each time a user registers under you, because you promoted a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any website at all you get paid ₦8,000 each. So once you get 5 people to register under you, you get paid a total of ₦40,000. Then you have made back your capital, profit and money for next upgrade at one go. Now your next step is to move to grade 2.

So In Summary

You Have 5 People In Your Grade 1 Network

You Donate 8,000

Receive ₦40,000


Grade 2 Member

In grade 2, First to upgrade from Grade 1 to Grade 2, by donating ₦16,000. Then you don’t have to work much again. But the truth is that if you want to make your money quickly you can keep pushing your link to get more members. But now, each time you register a new user, your direct downline will get paid ₦8,000. Then when their downlines wish to upgrade to grade 2. You will get paid ₦16,000 for each of the 25 people under the 5 Direct lines you have.

So In Summary

You Have 25 People In Your Grade 2 Network

You Donate ₦16,000

You Receive  ₦400,000


Grade 3 Member

In Grade 3, You have a total of 125 under the 25 people who are under your 5 Direct Downline. Now all of them donate to you for an upgrade to grade 3. Which will bring your income to a total of ₦4,000,000. Remember you have to upgrade to grade 3 to receive this.

So In Summary

You Have 125 People In Your Pyramid

You Donate = ₦32,000

You Receive = ₦4,000,000


Grade 4 Member

In Grade 4, You donate ₦48,000 to become a Grade 4 Member & receive and receive ₦48,000 donation from each of your 625 DOWNLINES, which is totaled ₦30,000,000

NOTE: There are also higher grades and also you can be in a higher grade and be receiving donations for assigned members in previous grades. Example, you can be in Grade 4 and be receiving donations for upgrade to 1, 2 and 3.